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M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

208 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 395-5600

Driving Directions:

208 Bull Street
(Admin. Offices)

2 Laura Avenue
(Board Meetings)

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Announcements: National, Georgia and Savannah-Chatham Council Calendar


 National, Georgia and Savannah-Chatham Council Calendar 


Savannah-Chatham Council

National, Georgia and Savannah-Chatham Council Calendar


*Dates are subject to change*

July 15, 2017                                         SCCPTA Networking Event                    9:30am-12:00pm

Membership Card Pick Up/Audit Drop-Offs                     

August 3, 2017                                      School Begins

August 5, 2017                                      Back to School Expo   Civic Center       9:00am-1:00pm

August 24, 2017                                    Secretary/Treasurer Training                   10am-11am

August 27, 2017                                    PTA Day at the Braves 

August 31, 2017                                    Incoming Committee Chairs Due State

August, 2017                                         Register for School of Excellence

September 10-16, 2017                          “Arts in Education Week”

September 11, 2017                              Council Meeting Pulaski Elem    6:30pm-8:00pm           

September 30, 2017                              Budget, 990, Audits                               9am-10am

                                                            Reflections                                           10:15am-11:15am

September 2017                                    Every Child is Focus – National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 2017                                    School of Excellence – Administer School Survey

September 30, 2017                              Audits Dues to State  <

October 2017                                       Advocacy Day

October 1, 2017                                    Apply for the 2017 National PTA STEM+Families Math

                                                            Grants through December 15th

October 2017                                        Every Child in Focus – LGBTQ History Month

October 2, 2017                                    Reschedule Council Sept 11 Meeting @ Hesse 6:30pm-8:00pm

October 6, 2017                                     Reflection Theme Search Due 2018-2019                       

October 21, 2017                                    District 6 Fall Conference – Woodville Tompkins HS

October 26, 2017                                   1st & 2nd Place Reflections Entries due at Council Office          

October 31, 2017                                   Membership Award-Oak Tree/Gold/Community Partnership

November 2017                                     Every Child in Focus  - Native American Heritage Month

November 15, 2017                               990’s Due for Local Units

November 20, 2017                               School of Excellence-Family-School Partnership Scan Due

December 2017                                     Every Child in Focus -  National Special Education Month

December 1, 2017                                 Register for PTA Reading Experience deadline

December7, 2017                                  State Reflections Entries Due at State Office                             

TBD                                                      PTA Day at the Falcons  

January 2017                                         Apply for Mary Lou Anderson Grant for the Arts throught March

January 2017                                         School of Excellence- Implement Roadmap to Excellence

January 27, 2018                                     Report Writing                                                               9:30am-11:00am                                                                        Elections/Nomination Training               10:30am-11:45am                        

February 2018                                       Every Child in Focus – African American History Month

February 5, 2018                                   Council Meeting Location TBD               6:30pm-8:00pm

February 11-19, 2018                             Take your Family Back to School Week

February 2018                                       Founders Day Celebration

TBD                                                      PTA/PTSA Day at the Capitol                                                   

March 2018                                           PTA Day at the Hawks

March 2018                                           National Reading Month-Host a National Reading

                                                            Family Experience

March 2018                                           Music in the School Month

March 2018                                           Student Advocacy Day

March 2018                                           Reflection Ceremony at State     

March 1, 2018                                       Incorporation is Due to State PTA

March 9, 2018                                       Local Unit Reports Post-Marked to Georgia PTA

March 13-15, 2018                                 NPTA Legislative Conference, Arlington, Va       

April 2018                                             Every Child in Focus-Month of Military Child, National Arb- American Heritage Month

April 9, 2018                                          Council Meeting (Location TBD)                       6:30pm-8:00pm

April 2018                                              District 6 Spring Conference    

April 2018                                             Promote 18-19 Reflections “Heroes Around Me”

April 2018                                             Reflections Award Ceremony

May 2018                                              School of Excellence- Repeat School Survey

May 2018                                                 Child in Focus -  Asian,-Pacific American Heritage; National

                                                            Forster Care Month; Military Appreciation Month

May 1, 2018                                          Incoming Officers to Council/District/GAPTA

May 7-11, 2018                                      Teacher Appreciation Week

May 18, 2018                                        Last Day of School

Summer 2018                                        Convention Leadership State Training (CLT)

June 21-24, 2018                                   National PTA Convention (New Orleans, LA)


Training Site (unless otherwise indicated)

Savannah-Chatham Council of PTAs Office @ Woodville Annex (across from Groves HS)

101 Priscilla Thomas Way

Savannah, GA 31408


Helpful Websites         

Shop PTA online www.shoppta,com           

Council FaceBook page   Savannah Chatham Council of PTAs

District FaceBook page Georgia District 6 PTA

training videos at www.

Local Units may always request additional training and weekday or weekend meetings. Please contact your Council Representative for more information.

Savannah-Chatham Council of PTAs Officers

President                      Tina Kelly                      315-286-8022       

Co-President                 Veronica Rodriguez       414-698-1503

Vice-President               Sarah Clark                   757-642-2565       

Secretary                      Michele Smith               912-429-5959       

Treasurer                       Michelle Lee                  404-333-1183       



Savannah-Chatham Council of PTAs Officers

President                      Tina Kelly                                  315-286-8022       

Schools: Port Wentworth, Garden City, Butler, Gadsden, Hodge, Spencer, Myers, DeRenne, Godley Station, East Broad, Islands High, Savannah High

Co-President                 Veronica Rodriguez                   414-698-1503

Schools: Pulaski, Largo-Tibet, Jacob G. Smith, Haven, May Howard, Juliette-Low, Savannah Classical Academy, Beach High, Jenkins High

Vice-President               Sarah Clark                               757-642-2565       

Schools: Pooler, Bloomingdale, West Chatham ES,  Isle of Hope, Mercer, West Chatham MS,  Rice Creek, New Hampstead High, Groves High, Woodville-Tompkins,

Secretary                      Michele Smith                           912-429-5959

Schools: Brock, Hesse, Shuman, Windsor Forest ES, Charles Ellis, White Bluff, Heard ES, Hubert, STEM, Savannah Early College,

Treasurer                       Michelle Lee                              404-333-1183

Schools: Southwest ES, Gould, Marshpoint, Southwest MS, Coastal, Georgetown, Garrison, Windsor Forest High, Johnson High, Savannah Arts Academy


District 6 Officers

Director                        Sandra Narcisse-Jones              912-308-1982

Assistant Director          Wanda Palmer                          912-507-9284         

Treasurer/Secretary         Deidra Donaldson                    912-631-0430


Local Unit Responsibilities to Council (Please Turn In)

            -Officer & Committees Contact Information        

            -2016-2017 Audit

            -Bank Signature Card (copy)     

            -IRS 990 (e-postcard)

            -Council Dues of $100.00 (payable to SCCPTA)

            -AIM Proof of Insurance

            -Calendar of Events

            -Copy of all submitted Awards (March)



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