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Announcements: 2018-19 School Year Calendar Revisions Presented to Board


2018-19 School Year Calendar Revisions Presented to Board 


A revised 2018-19 Academic School Year calendar was presented to the Board of Education for consideration as an informational item at the regular meeting of the Board on February 7, 2018..  The calendar will be brought back during the March Board meeting for action.

In light of recent weather patterns that have brought about conditions that have caused school closures, Administration has conducted a review of the SY 18-19 School Year Calendar to ensure ample Make-Up Days are included.  

The SY 18-19 calendar holds just two designated make-up days per semester.  Based on historical events, the number of Make-Up days designated within this calendar are insufficient.  

To gain additional days, a modification to the adopted calendar is required that would change the school start date.  Options for a modification to the second semester end of school date are not available due to the current graduation schedule and venue location.  The attached revised calendar includes Thursday, August 2, 2018, as the recommended school start date.   This revision gains 4 days on the calendar:

 • Adds October 8 Columbus Day (1) – School Staff/Student Holiday

 • Adds two (2) Student/Staff Holidays to Thanksgiving – November 19/20 (makes a full week Nov. 19-23)

 • Adds one (1) Student/Staff Holiday to Winter Break – December 20

The calendar maintains strategically placed staff planning days and contains the required 11 paid “Holiday for All” dates.  The second semester remains unchanged and still ends school before Memorial Day maintaining the established timeframe for graduation ceremonies.


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