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Announcements: Nearly 70 SCCPSS Students to Graduate with International Skills or Biliteracy Diploma Seals


Nearly 70 SCCPSS Students to Graduate with International Skills or Biliteracy Diploma Seals 


In just the third year of its existence, 62 SCCPSS seniors from seven high schools have earned the International Skills Diploma Seal from the Georgia Department of Education.  In order to earn the seal, students must meet the following qualifications

·         At least three credits in the same world language and/or ESOL,

·         At least four credits of coursework with an international focus (examples: international economics, world/non-U.S. history, world geography, comparative literatures),

·         At least four extracurricular activities and experiences with global themes and/or in global contexts (examples: exchange programs, international and language clubs)

·         20 hours of community service involving a global/cross-cultural public service project (example: fundraising for an international nonprofit organization)

·         Capstone presentation

Georgia has offered the seal to graduates who demonstrate a strong interest in international business and policy. The International Skills Diploma Seal is one of several programs in the Educating Georgia’s Future Workforce initiative, which is aimed at increasing the state’s focus on career education and expanding partnerships with the business community.  State School Superintendent Richard Woods has said, “In today’s economy, it is more important than ever that students are prepared to participate in the global workforce.  The International Skills Diploma Seal will recognize students who engage in international education through courses, extra-curricular activities and service opportunities. It’s an honor for the student and a signal for employers and universities that this student is ready to participate at a global level.”

In addition, five SCCPSS seniors from two high schools have earned the Georgia Department of Education Biliteracy Diploma Seal in just the second year it has been available.  It’s an award recognizing the achievements of high school seniors that are proficient in both English and a second language. The seal was created to acknowledge multilingual students.

In order to qualify for the Georgia Seal of Biliteracy, high school seniors must complete all English language arts requirements with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate proficiency in one or more languages other than English. Proficiency in another language can be demonstrated with an Advanced Placement foreign language assessment score of 4 or higher or an International Baccalaureate examination score of 5 or higher.  As an alternative, students may take standardized language proficiency evaluations.

Because AP and IB scores come after graduation, Biliteracy Seals will also be issued post-graduation to qualifying students.

International Skills and Biliteracy Diploma Seals 2018 in SCCPSS


International Skills Diploma Seal Recipients


Herschel V. Jenkins High:

Fishel Stephenson, Carl

Parker, Cliffton


Islands High School:

Bazil, Lucas

Bunker, Carly

Diaz, Allie

Dickerson, Johnnise

Edwards, Mackenzie

Garcia-Ardila, Danna

Goeller, Harry

Love, Arieanna

Lynch, Chloe

Nguyen, Kayla

Parsons III, Harold

Phillips, Krysztofer

Roberts, Amber

Sparrow, Eleanor

Stevenson, Jordan

Watters, Hannah

Weaver, Logan


New Hampstead High School

Delaney, Dierra

Golson, Infinity

Graham, Caleb


Savannah Arts Academy:

Blackwell, Trinity D.

da Cruz, Hannah

Dale, Angela

Deniculi, Amanda

Ellis, Jacqualyn

Jackson, Caroline

Jeffries, Sidney Mackenzie

Maze, Tyin

Metrajean, Daniel

Petty, Monae

Shamsiddiu, Jaydiya

Stewart, Kyia

Traynor, Emma*

Tucker, Jessica


Sol C. Johnson High:

Barron, Edward

Boone, Alana

Bowles, Elavian

Bowles, Eleik

Coles, Elijah

Dang, Chan-ly*

Gordon, Antwanya

Jenkins, Ashley

Jones, Ashley

Kent, Jikayla

Taylor, Alissa

Teasley, Nevada

Walker, Javon

Warren, Cierra

Webster, Miriam

Young, Zykia


Windsor Forest High School

Patel, Neel

Tyson, Shania

Ewetola, Diana

Shellhorn, Sydney*


Woodville-Tompkins High School

Clark, Breannah

Minadeo, Cassandra*

Stewart, Razah

Stringer, Tamoni

Warren, Jasmine


Biliteracy Diploma Seal - May reporting Recipients


Islands High School:

Sanchez, Sebastian

Garcia Ardila, Danna


Savannah Arts Academy:

Jon Saad- Falcon---Spanish

Amanda Deniculi--Portuguese

Jessica Tucker----Portuguese




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