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DAS-REMI Manual (pdf)
– Board Presentations
– Executive Summaries
– Superintendent Notes
M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

208 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 395-5600

Driving Directions:

208 Bull Street
(Admin. Offices)

2 Laura Avenue
(Board Meetings)

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We are pleased to present The District Accountability System to the School Board, School Administrators, and the community. This document provides the framework for the school system’s strategic planning process and serves as our local Reporting, Evaluating, and Monitoring Instrument (DAS-REMI). It incorporates the Mission and Vision statements, Guiding Principles, Georgia Vision statements, and Strategic Goals as approved by the Board of Education for the City of Savannah and the County of Chatham.

The DAS-REMI is a data-driven accountability manual that provides a straightforward, measurable, transparent tool for assessing district performance in academic and non-academic areas. This instrument define, gather, and report data using key performance indicators (KPI) from high stakes testing, transportation, to facility use. The information gathered and reported will show where the district is being successful and where improvements can be made.   

Board Presentation   

Chevron Reports

Executive Summaries

Superintendents Notes

 DAS-REMI Reports

Strategic Waivers School System IE2 Targets.pdfStrategic Waivers School System IE2 TargetsNewSuperintendent Notes
Stewardship of Human Resources SY 2017-18.pdfStewardship of Human Resources SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes4A
Graduation Rate Executive Summary SY 2017-18.pdfGraduation Rate Executive Summary SY 2017-18Executive Summary Report1D
CCRPI Executive Summary SY 2017-18.PDFCCRPI Executive Summary SY 2017-18Executive Summary Report1
SAT-ACT Executive Summary SY 2017-18.pdfSAT-ACT Executive Summary SY 2017-18Executive Summary Report1C
Use of Audits SY 2017-18.pdfUse of Audits SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes5G
PAO Executive Summary SY 2017-18.pdfPAO Executive Summary SY 2017-18Executive Summary Report1C
Campus Police Department First Quarter Report SY 2018-19.pdfCampus Police Department First Quarter Report SY 2018-19Superintendent Notes2B
Discipline SY 2017-18.pdfDiscipline SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes2B
Attendance SY 2017-18.pdfAttendance SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes1A
Workforce Readiness SY 2017-18.pdfWorkforce Readiness SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes1C
GMAS EOG and EOC Executive Summary SY 2017-18.pdfGMAS EOG and EOC Executive Summary SY 2017-18Executive Summary Report1
Student Well-Being SY 2017-18.pdfStudent Well-Being SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes2B
Stewardship of Transportation SY 2017-18.pdfStewardship of Transportation SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes5D
Stewardship of Transportation SY 2015-16.pdfStewardship of Transportation SY 2015-16Superintendent Notes5D
ESPLOST Updates September 2018.pdfESPLOST Updates September 2018Superintendent Notes5B
SAT-ACT Executive Summary SY 2016-17.pdfSAT-ACT Executive Summary SY 2016-17Executive Summary Report1C
Campus Police Department Annual Report-SY 2017-18.pdfCampus Police Department Annual Report-SY 2017-18Superintendent Notes2B
Building Effective Leadership.pdfBuilding Effective LeadershipSuperintendent Notes4C
Student Well-Being SY 2016-17.pdfStudent Well-Being SY 2016-17Superintendent Notes2B
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