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Assistant Principal Leadership Programs 

   Assistant Principal Leadership Programs

The program is designed to provide assistant principals with leadership development opportunities as they prepare to become principals or district level administrators.

  • To acclimate new assistant principals to their roles
  • To provide effective feedback
  • To create thriving school cultures that positively impact teacher effectiveness and student achievement 

Assistant principals are responsible for attending and participating in established monthly leadership development sessions. They must also adhere to an approved attendance criteria.

Attendance Accountability: 
Tier 1 APs are expected to attend all PLCs. 
Tier 2 APs are expected to attend at least 50% of the PLCs
Tier 3 APs may attend any of the PLCs, but are not required to attend.                                               

Special PLC and Leadership Program Features:

In-basket Scenarios:  In-basket Scenarios will be facilitated by a team of assistant principals during each monthly PLC.  

School Level Best Practices: Each month one assistant principal will share a “best practice”  related to the monthly focus.

Mentors for Tier 1 Assistant Principals:  Mentors (who are experienced assistant principals, administrators/former principals and executive directors), will provide Tier 1 assistant principals with ongoing support for one year.  

AP Leadership Field Experience:
“The View from the Principal’s Office”:  Selected 3rd year-Tier 2, and Tier 3 assistant principals will be given the opportunity to utilize and improve their leadership skills in the school setting, while working with a sitting principal as they participate in a two-day shadow experience.  

Principals Cluster Meeting:  Selected 3rd year-Tier 2, and Tier 3 assistant principals will also have an opportunity to attend two Principal’s Cluster meeting with their assigned shadow principal.  This experience will allow assistant principals to participate in one of the monthly principal Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings.

AP Leadership Forum PLC Topics:

  • TWEAK Your TKES Look-Fors – for administrators
  • CCGPS Overview:  What does it mean at Each Grade Level?
  • Common Core Georgia Performance Standards: A “Cheat Sheet” for Each Grade Level
  • Wilson for Elementary school\DBQs for Secondary
  • Instructional Frameworks:  Teacher-Led Best Practices and Administrator “Look-Fors” (by subject area)
  • Budget Management 101- Secondary
  • Budget Management 101- Elementary
  • Developing a Title I Plan and Managing a Title I Budget
  • Using Data to Impact Instruction
  • SLDS for Administrators
  • Google Drive:  Tools to Increase Administrative Efficiency
  • PowerSchool:  Quick Export
  • Maximize the Use of Your I Pad
  • Handling Stress, Organizing your Work & Maximizing Your Time
  • Collegiality and Professionalism
  • Validating Your Student’s Schedules in PowerScheduler
  • Transitioning to Principal Leadership / Perspectives from a New Principal
  • Daily School Operations/ Dos and Don’ts of Daily Operations
  • School Opening and Closing
  • Upcoming Laws
  • Gangs:  Impact on the School Community
  • Student Code of Conduct/Handbook 2014-2015 Preview