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What Must My Child Do to Remain in the Gifted Education Program?


Once a student is found eligible and served in the gifted education program they will continue to receive gifted services for the duration of their schooling unless probation and termination actions are taken by the school. 


Probation (Grades 1st – 11th)

Identified gifted students must have an 80% average or above in all gifted courses to continue in good standing each semester.  

Annually student performance in classes identified as gifted by the addition of the .2 to course numbers will be reviewed by gifted teachers to insure that all gifted students have an 80% average or above in gifted courses. 

A student who does not have an 80% average in a gifted course will be put on gifted academic probation. This will result in the site gifted teacher writing an improvement plan in collaboration with the teacher of the gifted course in which the student has not maintained a grade of 80% average.  Each marking period there after the student’s grades in the probationary gifted course will be monitored and the improvement plan adjusted as necessary.  Parents will be contacted for a conference and receive a copy of improvement plans each marking period the student is on probation.



When a student has maintained probation status four consecutive marking periods termination from the gifted program of services will be initiated.  Prior to termination parents must be contacted for a conference and a termination form filed with the district gifted office.  Students may reapply for gifted services one year from their termination date by entering the gifted nomination process.

During probation your aim should be to assist the student in remaining in the gifted program.  Work in collaboration with the regular education teachers on behalf of the student.  Students continue to receive gifted services during probation.

All probation and termination letters must be signed by the parent. 

Once the student enters the probationary process they continue in the process until the student meets the requirements to be removed from probation or terminated.  The probationary process is not impacted by summer vacation, change of schools or grade levels.