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M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

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When and How Are Students Nominated and Tested for the Gifted Education Program?


Referral of potentially gifted students enrolled in Savannah-Chatham Public Schools is made by classroom teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, or self.

Two types of referrals may be made:

Automatic – Students in grades K-8 that achieve a 90% composite score on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) in Math or Reading.

Reported - A student may be referred for consideration for gifted services by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, or self.

Any public school student referred as potentially gifted, either through the automatic or reported process will be observed by the regular classroom teacher(s) or team. Data is collected in ten areas of giftedness: motivation, interests, communication skills, problem-solving ability, memory, inquiry, insight, reasoning, imagination/creativity, and humor.

Nomination Committees will be comprised of the lead gifted education program teacher from each school site; however the lead gifted education program teacher will not be a decision maker on the team involving students from their own school site. Evaluators are qualified based on holding a teaching certificate with a gifted endorsement.  Gifted testing occurs after a student is recommended by the nomination team and parental consent is obtained.