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Freshman Academies

What is a freshman academy? - “This entry-level academy at each school helps students transition to the high school environment with intensive academic support. The academy has a keen focus on reading and writing in the content areas, study and organizational skills, and time management.”

What types of activities will be included in CHANCE Freshman Academies to help us reach our goals?

Strategies and Activities as Outlined in Grant Narrative

The Freshman Academy

All 9th graders participate in the Freshman Academy.

All 9th graders have daily schedules that include a half-day or more of unbroken block.

Middle to High School Transition

All rising 9th graders attend a curriculum fair, designed to “sell” the high school, at their middle school.

All rising 9th graders and their parents attend an open house at the high school.

All rising 9th graders tour the high school campus.

All rising 9th graders are invited to attend the Summer Bridge.

All rising 9th graders are invited to participate in a special registration night at the high school.

All rising 9th graders meet with their high school counselors to review their goals and discuss course selection.

All rising 9th graders attend academic planning conferences.

All rising 9th graders with low academic performance and/or who are likely to struggle in school are identified.

All rising 9th graders, who are identified as potentially at-risk, attend summer school.

Interdisciplinary Learning Teams

All 9th graders are members of an interdisciplinary learning team.

All Freshman Academy teachers are members of an interdisciplinary learning team.

Student/Teacher Advisories

All 9th graders are assigned an advisor as prescribed in the “Teachers as Educational Advisors & Mentors” (TEAM) Program.

All 9th graders, in conjunction with their TEAM advisor, develop an individual postsecondary plan with a coherent and rigorous sequence of courses to guide course selection for the duration of their high school careers.

Rigorous Curriculum

instruction reflects a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.  Student proficiencies and forms of assessment are established that are consistent with state and district standards.

Struggling Students

9th graders, who are struggling academically, are provided the support(s) required to make them successful.