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Youth Apprenticeship

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is designed to assist students entering a career path leading to a highly skilled occupation. The program links secondary and post secondary education, business, and industry to provide a seamless career path through school-based and work-based learning. Students complete and individualized program of study that relates classroom study to work site experience through an on-the-job training apprenticeship.  Students are supervised by a skilled mentor. Upon completion of students 2000 hours of apprenticeship and a post secondary degree or certificate, students are awarded a “Certificate of Completion” from the Georgia Department of Education.


How does Youth Apprenticeship work?


Students who have a clear career focus in an apprentice area apply for the program at the end of their sophomore year in high school.  Eligible students must:


  • Be on track for graduation
  • Have good attendance
  • Have family support for entry into the program
  • Have transportation to and from the work site
  • Be at least 16 years old

Over the duration of the apprenticeship, the students will:


  • Complete 2000 apprenticeship hours
  • Complete all requirements for the high school diploma, including a demanding career-related course of study
  • After high school graduation or through dual enrollment, a student must complete a post secondary program of study in order to fulfill the requirements of an apprenticeship and receive a Certificate of Completion  

How does Youth Apprenticeship benefit students?


Through the Youth Apprenticeship Program, students are able to:

  • Earn wages while learning from skilled professionals
  • Increase career options and future employability
  • Strengthen academic skills
  • Experience the relevance of education in real life work
  • Earn post secondary credit while in high school
  • Build seniority and relationship in the workplace 

How does Youth Apprenticeship benefit employers?


Through Youth Apprenticeship, employers are able to:

  • Improve the skill levels of potential employees
  • Develop standards for the educational curriculum to meet their needs
  • Recruit and screen potential employees
  • Reduce turnover of entry level employees through the hiring of Youth Apprenticeship graduates
  • Reduce the cost of hiring and training at highly technical workforce
  • Improve competitiveness 

For more information about Youth Apprenticeship, contact our office at (912) 395-6765.


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