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Angela LaPlante
Instructional Technology Coach

Schools Served:

East Broad Street K8

Georgetown K8Ellis Montessori Hesse K8Isle of Hope K8Godley Station K8Esther F. Garrison School for Visual & Performing ArtsSavannah Classical 

Embrace the Positive Power of Social Media in Education

The power to network, collaborate, share, and inspire professionally through social media is phenomenal - especially when you control the settings.  Harness the network and filter the users so that your newsfeed becomes a source of information to feed your teacher soul.

My goals are to help you develop an engaging Personal Learning Network to collaborate with other teachers, market your learning space to the community, and share the learning experiences from your classrooms with the world through #TeachSavannah.

If you'd like Professional Learning Credit, head over to ERO and register for one of the "Social Media in EDU" virtual modules.  You'll gain professional experience with the social media platforms Twitter and Face Book. You'll end the year with a strong, engaging  Personal Learning Network, as well as the ability to share the awesomeness of your classroom in 140 characters or less!

Social Choices


Instructional Technology and Lesson Design 

Instructional Technology is so much more than the equipment and the available tools.  The teacher, instructional atmosphere, and goals determine the level of integration where the students and their projects outshine the technology.


I encourage you to think about how technology is currently integrated into your student activities.  Does the inclusion of technology enhance or transform the student educational experience?  Do the activities incorporate skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity? Are you ready to move into the next phase of technology integration?  Dive in with me!  I'll help you design student activities to transform your classroom.





Angela LaPlante

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