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M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
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208 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 395-5600

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District Accountability System 2008-2009  

This District Accountability System manual has been designed to help focus and guide the work of the School Board and Superintendent. It also serves as a tool for the school Board's assessment of its own performance and that of the Superintendent each year. While the planning horizon included in this manual spans multiple years, modifications from time to time are expected. To access the manual, simply click on the icon below. To access board presentations or reports, simply click under each goal the objective.   

 District Accountability System 2009


Goal I.

Objective A - Reading on Grade Level
Objective B - CRCT
Objective C – ITBS
Objective D - Graduation Rate
Objective E – GHSGT & Objective E - GHSWT
Objective F - AP Tests
Objective G - IB Diplomas
Objectives H & I - SAT and ACT

Goal II.

Objective A - ESPLOST Program
Objective B - Financial Reporting 1st QTR Financial Reports
Objective B - Financial Reporting 3rd QTR Financial Reports
Objective B - Financial Reporting ASBO & GFOA Budget Awards
Objective C - Use of Audits - Internal Audits
Objective C - Use of Audits - Single Audit Report 08
Objective C - Use of Audits - Audit Management Letter 08
Objective C - Use of Audits - Single Audit Report & Management Letter Presentation 08
Objective C - Use of Audits - ESPLOST Performance Audit
Objective D - Stewardship of Human Resources
Objective E- Stewardship of Facilities

Goal III.

Objective A & B - Truancy Rate and School Discipline Rate
Objective C - Emergency Preparedness
Objective D - 2Q Weapons and Drugs Rate
Objective D - 3Q Weapons and Drugs Rate
Objective E- Dropout Rate

Goal IV.

Objective A - Engaging our Students' Parents
Objective B - Engaging the Business Community
Objective C - Engaging Neighborhoods & Communities
Objective D - Engagement through Mentoring and Tutoring
Objective E - Perceptions of the District (Climate Survey)