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17-18 Cindy Jeffers
16-17 Amanda Hallman
15-16 Ernie Lee
14-15 Bynikini Frazier
13-14 Natalie Chase
12-13 Allison Konter
11-12 Melissa Webb
10-11 Bettina Polite Tate
09-10 Daniel Snope
08-09 Sara Jane Doubleday
07-08 Terry Finlay
06-07 Lolisa Boleman
M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

208 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 395-5600

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208 Bull Street
(Admin. Offices)

2 Laura Avenue
(Board Meetings)

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Potrait of Ernie Lee
This twenty-year lawyer brings a wealth of real world experience to the classroom.  Ernie Lee didn’t find his calling until the age of forty-eight when some soul searching left him coming up empty.  Ever since his high school years he had a sense that teaching was the answer, but it was not until much later in life that this profession would become reality and provide him the opportunity to do what he felt would have the most impact.

With a level of intellect and dedication that enabled him to pass the bar exam on his first attempt, he set out to follow a career path in education that now has him teaching International Baccalaureate courses at the high school level.  His years of experience practicing law and explaining complex concepts to his clients have paved the way for his instructional techniques that treat students with caring, understanding, and a high level of respect.

He began working as an instructor for the Georgia Departments of Revenue and Human Resources and the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education where he operated a mobile technology training lab.  Mr. Lee’s experience in adult education fueled his passion for teaching and in 2010 he entered the world of public school education as a substitute teacher.  

His professional background and natural ability to engage with the scholar set the foundation for a full time teaching career that that brings life experience, a masterful ability to share knowledge, and the ability to inspire young minds. 

Ernie Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Juris Doctor.  He is currently teaching International Baccalaureate History, and U.S. Government and Civics classes at Windsor Forest High School.