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17-18 Cindy Jeffers
16-17 Amanda Hallman
15-16 Ernie Lee
14-15 Bynikini Frazier
13-14 Natalie Chase
12-13 Allison Konter
11-12 Melissa Webb
10-11 Bettina Polite Tate
09-10 Daniel Snope
08-09 Sara Jane Doubleday
07-08 Terry Finlay
06-07 Lolisa Boleman
M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

208 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 395-5600

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208 Bull Street
(Admin. Offices)

2 Laura Avenue
(Board Meetings)

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Portrait of Cindy Jeffries

Cindy Jeffries always knew she was going to be a teacher.  Her mother taught her from a young age the importance of education, taking her to the public library and giving her homemade worksheets to complete.  She loved going to school and never struggled with a decision over whether to go to college and what to study if she did - she knew she was going to be a teacher.

Cindy attended Indiana State University, graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education with a reading endorsement in 1992.  She began her teaching career at Pooler Elementary, followed by a five year stint at Butler Elementary – working each day to make certain her students felt that school was as special as she felt it was as a young child.  Then, in 1998, her family moved for her husband’s job and Cindy spent the next sixteen years raising her three children as a stay-at-home mom.

Three years ago, the family moved back to Chatham County.  Cindy had missed teaching and was back in the classroom within a year.  She’s taught at Haven Elementary since October of 2014 where she strives to make a personal connection with each of her students and to show them each and every day that they can excel, learn and grow!

Cindy currently teaches 2nd grade at Haven Elementary where she serves as the Grade Level Chairperson and is on the School Leadership Team in addition to serving as a model teacher for the District’s literacy program