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American College Testing (ACT)

The ACT is one of two assessments widely used in the college admissions process, and consists of four curriculum-based tests in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. A composite or total score is also reported. ACT examination scores, including the composite scores, range from a low of 1 to a high of 36.

The content of the ACT has been chosen by high school and college teachers to reflect the type of knowledge and skills that students are taught in high school college preparatory classes, and need in order to be successful in typical first-year college courses. The ACT assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. There is an optional writing test that measures skill in planning and writing a short essay. A student may take the ACT no more than twelve (12) times total and only once per national test date. Many students take the test twice, once as a junior and again as a senior.

Student performance executive summaries can be found on the District Accountability System website.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that lets the student show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge. It tests knowledge of reading, writing, and math. Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school, and almost all colleges and universities use the SAT to make admission decisions. 

The SAT doesn’t test logic or abstract reasoning. The critical reading section includes reading passages and sentence completions. The writing section includes a short essay and multiple-choice questions on identifying errors and improving grammar and usage. The mathematics section includes questions on arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

The SAT is offered several times a year. Most students take the SAT for the first time during the spring of their junior year and a second time during the fall of their senior year. 

Student performance executive summaries can be found on the District Accountability System website.