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Advanced Placement (AP)

The College Board sponsors the Advanced Placement (AP) examinations with technical assistance from the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey.  These assessments are designed to provide college credit and/or placement to high school students who have successfully completed college-level courses.  Scores on each examination range from 1 to 5, with a score of 5 indicating that a student is “extremely well qualified” with respect to mastery of course content.  Scores of three or better suggest that a student is capable of successfully completing work at most colleges. 

Student performance executive summaries can be found on the District Accountability System website.

IB Diploma Program (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program consists of six subject area groups:  language, second language, individuals and societies, experimental sciences, mathematics, and arts and electives.  IB diploma candidates are required to take one subject from each group, with at least three (but no more than four) courses taken at the advanced (HL) level.  Course grades are based on a seven point system with 1 representing very poor performance;  2, poor; 3, mediocre; 4, satisfactory; 5, good; 6, very good; and 7, excellent.  

In addition to the subject area groups, students must also satisfactorily complete the following requirements: an extended essay (EE); an interdisciplinary course entitled Theory of Knowledge; and a “creativity, action, and service” requirement to earn the IB diploma.  Extended essay and Theory of Knowledge scores may range from “A” to “E”, with a score of “A” representing excellent performance; “B”, good; “C”, satisfactory; “D”, mediocre; and “E”, poor performance.  The combined results of the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge course may contribute up to 3 points towards the IB diploma. 

The program is designed for students to take all course examinations upon completion of the second and final year of the program; however, students may opt to take up to two exams at the standard level upon completion of the first year of the program.  In reporting, these students are classified as having “Anticipated” status.  Awarding of the IB diploma is based on achievement of at least 24 points out of a possible 45.  Internationally, about 80% of all candidates are awarded the IB diploma.  Candidates who do not satisfy the requirements for the full program or who have chosen to take fewer than six subjects are awarded a certificate for the examinations completed.

Student performance executive summaries can be found on the District Accountability System website.