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M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
Public School System

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Savannah, GA 31401
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Carol Nathan - Charles Ellis Montessori Academy
Student creating travel brochure with Google Slides
"The students created an online presentation on a Latin American country using Google Slides. The presentations were better than I had ever anticipated!"
It has been a tremendous gift for the students to explore their more creative side, while still focusing on the common core standards. In the most recent project, "My Trip to Latin America," I took several of the standards and made a rubric that allowed them to design a slide show for a specific Latin American country. The students had to understand the GDP of their country and how resources, education, and capital investments can improve their country's economy. They had to learn how to use various credible Web sites, cite their sources, and insert relevant photos to make an engaging and informative presentation. Without the Chromebooks, and Chromebases, this would not have been possible.
Crystal Washington - Southwest Middle School
Multimedia Projects
"My students use the iPads to create multimedia projects which deepen their understanding and help them make relevant connections."
The iPads give the students a different, interactive learning platform. This helps students with a variety of learning needs to achieve in the classroom. The students took a character they had studied from our current novel, "The House of the Scorpion." They had to find an appropriate picture online, find a meme generator, and create a meme. They had to use textual evidence and the acquired characterization analysis skills we learned. They put together the coolest projects and shared them. It was fun, interactive, and tapped into the tech world to which they have grown so accustomed."
Susan Taylor - Southwest Elementary School
Using iPads for Blended Learning
"I love using iPads in my blended learning classroom."
I love using them in my blending learning model. Students stay focused, on task, and help one another with the device when necessary. This allows me to work in small groups.
The students use Xtra math to drill and practice math facts and complete Compass Learning Odyssey activities required by our school system.
Venecia Richardson - Southwest Middle School
Google Classroom used as Learning Stations
"Students use the Chromebooks at stations for research projects."
These devices have enabled me to help my students in their inclusive environment. The General Education teacher and I set up learning stations. Students rotate through their activities in stations. Each Chromebook is placed in a station where students may use them for research. We are using Google Classroom so that the transitions from station-to-station will run smoothly.
Mark VanGoor - Islands High School
Collaborating with Chromebooks
"I love my Chromebooks! I use them to run a paperless classroom. They allow me to access a ton of material for the students that I would not otherwise be able to use with the class."
The Chromebooks allow me to use sites like effectively and on a regular basis. I use Google Docs and Google Classroom for all my instruction. Students are able to collaborate and debate and discuss online and I am able to easily see what they did and grade accordingly. It also allows students to be more involved in their own education.
Dorothea VanGoor - Garrison School of Performing Arts
Connecting Concepts While Learning with an iPad
"Students are using iPads to create news- style videos. With Air- Server, I share them instantly on the projector for everyone to view at once."
Right now, we are using iPads to complete Google Classroom assignments (when we work as groups), I'm using Airserver to connect them to the projector and letting kids answer discussion questions like they are members of an Internet class. They really like that! Students are also using the iPads in less exciting ways, like to study their vocabulary on Quizlet and to do coding activities.
Seale Nevare - Thunderbolt Elementary
Individualized Learning with Chromebook
"Students with special needs are benefiting from individual programs to assist in their education."
Additional technology in the classroom is allowing me time for my students with special needs. They now have the opportunity to use technology when they are in small group settings both in and outside of the classroom. My inclusion classes now have a few more computers to utilize to while I am in the general education classroom. One of her students commented, "It helps me get my class work done because I work to earn time on the Chromebook!"
Melissa Loy - Largo Tibet Elementary School
Largo Tibet Students with iPads
"The iPads are making it possible for individual needs to be met in our reading class every single day."
Students are engaged daily in reading online material and working through the tutorials provided for them with the SRA Laboratory 2.0. They use headphones to listen to the tutorials, then complete activities specifically designed to meet their needs. Each student works on skills and activities based on his/her Lexile. The teacher adjusts this based on the success rate the student is having with the activities. The program, though primarily independent, is more beneficial when the teacher sits with the student to hear him/her read. Each teacher provides feedback to the student so he/she can see his/her progress on various skills.
Ben Lingenfelter - Savannah High School
Student Projects using Chromebases
"I want a variety of OSs and form factors in my classroom so that students can become comfortable at getting things done on any device. Tablets offer a mobility factor that I don't presently have."
My students are adding apps to their Google Apps for Education accounts. Recently, I had them add "Notable" so that we could annotate Google Docs in class. We've also added Coggle and Thinking Maps apps so that we can create cluster diagrams in class on the Chromebases and Chromebooks. I want a variety of OSs and form factors in my classroom so that students can become comfortable at getting things done on any device. Tablets offer a mobility factor that I don't presently have. I'm looking forward to participating in more mini-grant applications in the future.
Allison Konter - Islands High School
Students Conquer Research Projects with Google Drive
"Using the collaboration features available in Google Drive is a true reflection of how people work together in todays' workforce."
I am very pleased with the ways in which we utilize the 5 Chromebooks in my class. I am especially pleased with the opportunities that Google Drive and submitting work through Google Drive have offered. I have students work in groups to investigate how our bureaucratic agencies, interest groups, and congressional committees work together to create public policy. It is a challenging research assignment, so students are able to work together on one document in Google Drive to divide and conquer the assignment. They are required to put all of the individual answers together when they provide an overall analysis of their research.
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