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M. Ann Levett, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Savannah-Chatham Co.
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Savannah, GA 31401
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 About the Department of Capital Projects 

Welcome to Capital Projects.

The mission of Capital Projects is to direct, coordinate and review the District’s building and renovation programs in the areas of planning, design and construction. With the development of funding for District schools from both State and alternative sources, Capital Projects monitors the funding and coordinates the preparation and administration of budgetary materials and exercises administrative control over expenditures for construction and alterations of the schools.

The department coordinates the evaluation of the policies and procedures related to facilities planning. Upon completion of site assessments, recommendations for improvements and changes are set forth. Capital Projects oversees the construction and renovations of all the District school facilities by utilizing a contracted design team of various architects, engineers and other consultants required to properly design the project and administer the construction. SCCPSS has developed standards for construction that are stipulated through our Board approved Design Guidelines.  These guidelines serve as a valuable tool in our work to continually improve the district's educational facilities and ensure uniformity across the school system.  To review the Design Guidelines, please click the following link:


Capital Projects is proud to represent SCCPSS in meetings with contractors, local public agencies, community groups and others to interpret and explain school construction procedures, funding strategies, asset management procedures and building program regulations.

The District’s Capital Projects are presented monthly for information to the Board of Public Education during Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) meetings.  Meeting presentations can be found by clicking on any of the CIC Meeting documents listed on this web page.  A key resource that provides funding for many of the projects that are featured during monthly CIC meeting is ESPLOST.  The one cent penny sales tax is now in the third continuation as approved by the voters of Chatham County.  For additional information on ESPLOST, please follow any of the links below:




Capital Improvement Committee meetings are open to the public and any interested citizen is encouraged to attend.

All meetings will begin at 9:00am and will be held in Building G of the Whitney Administrative Complex, located at 2 Laura Avenue in Savannah.


 CIC Meetings

2-22-2018 CIC.pdf2-22-2018 CIC
1-18-2018 CIC.pdf1-18-2018 CIC
12-14-2017 CIC.pdf12-14-2017 CIC
11-15-2017 CIC.pdf11-15-2017 CIC
10-17-2017 CIC.pdf10-17-2017 CIC
9-25-2017 CIC.pdf9-25-2017 CIC
8-17-2017 CIC.pdf8-17-2017 CIC
7-20-2017 CIC.pdf7-20-2017 CIC
6-15-2017 CIC.pdf6-15-2017 CIC
5-18-2017 CIC.pdf5-18-2017 CIC
4-20-2017 CIC.pdf4-20-2017 CIC
3-16-2017 CIC.pdf3-16-2017 CIC
2-16-2017 CIC.pdf2-16-2017 CIC
1-19-2017 CIC.pdf1-19-2017 CIC
12-15-2016 CIC.pdf12-15-2016 CIC
11-17-2016 CIC.pdf11-17-2016 CIC
9-15-2016 CIC.pdf9-15-2016 CIC
8-18-2016 CIC.pdf8-18-2016 CIC
7-21-2016 CIC.pdf7-21-2016 CIC
6-16-2016 CIC.pdf6-16-2016 CIC
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