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Coastal Georgia
Comprehensive Academy
2001 Cynthia Street
Savannah, GA 31415
Phone: (912) 395-5440   
FAX: (912) 201-5453

Mr. Steve Derr, Principal

Hours: Bell Times 
Grades: K - 12th

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    Social Workers



There are three Social Workers on site at Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Academy.  John Walker is the Lead Social Worker and works with the High School students.  David Davenport is the Elementary Social Worker and has served in this capacity for over thirty years. Jeannine Frazier is the Middle School Social Worker.  Each Social Worker works closely with their Program Managers to provide assistance to Special Education teachers, students and parents.  Additionally, the social workers are in contact with various community agencies and service providers who also work with our population of children.  Due to the high level of support required when working with children who have Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Autism, the Social Workers are assigned to Coastal Academy only.  They are in direct contact with the teachers and students throughout the day every day, as some level of additional assistance may be required at any time.  The Social Workers also work very closely with the school psychologist as members of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team, when determining if a student is eligible for the program at Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Academy.   Parents are encouraged to visit or call at any time to gain information about their child and the progress that they are making.