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Coastal Georgia
Comprehensive Academy
2001 Cynthia Street
Savannah, GA 31415
Phone: (912) 395-5440   
FAX: (912) 201-5453

Mr. Steve Derr, Principal

Hours: Bell Times 
Grades: K - 12th

Driving Directions

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The CGCA Transition Specialist is Alphonso Piper.


The CGCA Transition Specialist  is responsible for promoting job development through direct contact with employers, One-Stops, State Employment Agencies, Career Transition Contractors, and community outreach.

Some of the many services that Mr. Piper provides include:

·         Provides students with assessment and assistance with placement readiness.

·         Ensures timely placement of students after they graduate.

·         Helps students become enrolled in quality jobs, the military, or further education/training opportunities.

·         Provides initial and periodic assessments of each student needs prior to separation.

·         Ensures job readiness training (e.g. resume preparation, employability skills, and

      work history/experience, CBVI, Dual Enrollment) has been provided to students.

 ·         Assists graduates in identifying and obtaining support services within the communities where they work and        live.

 ·          Ensures all students achievement credentials are updated and documented.

 ·          Assesses and documents each graduating student's transitional needs prior to separation: employability skills,  housing, transportation, child care work clothing, tools, food and budgeting, etc.

 ·          Continuously help students to become more employable even after graduation.

 ·          Placement activities/services provided in accurate manner (respite care, work permit, etc).

 ·         Works with all students and teachers, employees, and when necessary community representatives, to establish Special Education programs, curriculum, and instructional resources (and their evaluation) on a systematic basis.