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Reggio Emilia
Title I
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Reggio Emilia
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Port Wentworth Elementary
507 South Coastal Highway
Port Wentworth, GA 31407
Phone: (912) 395-6742
FAX: (912) 965-6734

Dr. J'Nai Gilbert-Collins

Hours: Bell Times
Grades: PK - 2nd

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Bringing Nature Indoors Attachment
by Julia Bonisteel
 9/30/2019 7:42 PM
Reggio Classroom!!! 
by Julia Bonisteel
 9/30/2019 7:27 PM
What's for lunch? Attachment
by Raquel Puskas
 3/15/2019 2:04 PM
Exploring Reggio: Creating Colours in Mrs. Trad's class Attachment
by Raquel Puskas
 3/14/2019 2:34 PM
Reggio Day 
by Raquel Puskas
 3/14/2019 2:22 PM
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IMG_20190919_140757312.jpgIMG_20190919_140757312Julia Bonisteel
Snowy day tissue paper art 4.pngSnowy day tissue paper art 4Raquel Puskas
Snowy day tissue paper art 3.pngSnowy day tissue paper art 3Raquel Puskas
Snowy day tissue paper art 2.pngSnowy day tissue paper art 2Raquel Puskas
Snowy day tissue paper art 1.pngSnowy day tissue paper art 1Raquel Puskas
gingerbread exhbit 2017 4.pnggingerbread exhbit 2017 4Raquel Puskas
gingerbread exhbit 2017 3.pnggingerbread exhbit 2017 3Raquel Puskas
gingerbread exhbit 2017 2.pnggingerbread exhbit 2017 2Raquel Puskas
gingerbread exhibit 2017 1.pnggingerbread exhibit 2017 1Raquel Puskas
Literacy and mirror provocation.pngLiteracy and mirror provocationRaquel Puskas
Light table geometric exploration.jpegLight table geometric explorationRaquel Puskas
Exploration with paint.pngExploration with paintRaquel Puskas

 Shared Documents

Folder: Bonisteel's ClassBonisteel's ClassBurton Morris
Folder: Crutchfield's ClassCrutchfield's ClassBurton Morris
Folder: McGee's ClassMcGee's ClassBurton Morris
Folder: Trad's ClassTrad's ClassRaquel Puskas
Folder: Puskas' ClassPuskas' ClassAlice Lasseter
Folder: Morris's ClassMorris's ClassAlice Lasseter

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