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Announcements: Instruction Continues Until May 15th.


Instruction Continues Until May 15th.  


Dear Seahawk Families, Yesterday, our SCCPSS Board of Education and Superintendent held their general meeting. One of the main objectives was to forge the road ahead for the remainder of the marking period in terms of instruction. Instruction will continue for all students. We applaud our board members for their hard work and for the support they are providing to all schools and students during this closure. Coastal Middle School’s road ahead is this: outstanding instruction is going to continue each and every day for all of our students through the end of the school year. These amazing children deserve nothing less than our very best. Our expectation is for students to complete instruction every Monday – Thursday, making sure all assignments are turned in by Friday. Our teachers will continue to work directly with students each week, using technology such as Zoom and Google Hangouts/Meet, or old-fashioned phone calls, to ensure continued academic growth and success. We are committed to ensuring that each child’s 4th marking period average serves to bolster his or her yearly average. No child’s grade will suffer based on the challenges we face during this time of virtual learning, but we encourage and need our students to continue “showing up” in our virtual classrooms each day, eager to learn. We will also continue to be available to you and your child, working our very hardest not only for the continued academic success of our students but also to support their emotional and social growth, as well. This is a difficult time for our world, especially for our teens. We want and plan to remain a strong part of your child’s village and will do anything we can for your family. We are blessed to be part of your Seahawk family. Our students will continue to learn with us each day, to continue to grow, and eventually return to our school--or their future high school--in August ready to continue their work as a scholar without any academic setback caused by this school closure. That is our pledge to you and to all of our children. We look forward to providing amazing instruction each week until school is dismissed on May 15th for summer break. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you for allowing us to continue to educate your child for the remainder of the 4th marking period. God Bless, Allison Schuster Jones on behalf of your Seahawk Staff


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