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Announcements: School Portraits (UPDATE)


School Portraits (UPDATE) 



School Pictures

We are beginning to receive student pictures back from the photography company (Strawbridge). Rather than waiting on the printing of all HR classes—the company is sending various HR portraits as printed.  In other words, some first-grade students may receive their portraits today, but others may not.  We wanted to ensure we distributed them as soon as they arrive.  Likewise, as additional portraits arrive, we will send them out as soon as possible. All portraits should be sent home by Friday, September 20. Thank you! 

A direction sheet is enclosed in the packet of pictures.  Please be sure to follow the procedures as outlined.

To recap:

1.       Review the enclosed portraits and price sheet (price sheet also has an online purchasing code on it)

2.       Choose which sheet(s) you wish to purchase

3.       Purchase the portraits you would like to keep

a.       submit your payment in the enclosed envelope or

b.       pay online at  (a code is enclosed  in the packet envelope—please use this code when making an online payment—this will ensure proper processing)

4.       Return any unpurchased portraits to the homeroom teacher in the original envelope/packet


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