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Fine Arts
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Esther F. Garrison
School of Arts

649 West Jones Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 395-5975
(912) 201-5978

Aysha Parks,

Hours: Bell Times
PK - 8th

Driving Directions

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2019-2020 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the art majors that you offer?

Dance (Ballet and Modern)

Music – Band, Orchestra (string instruments), Chorus, Piano


Visual Arts


What are your academic requirements?

See the Understanding the Admissions Process on the Criteria page.


Is there a fee?



What if my child has good test scores, but lower grades, or vice-versa?

ALL criteria must be met. Applications will not be re-screened.


Can I schedule an audition for my child?

If all academic criteria are met and slots are available, you will be contacted to schedule the audition.


Are rising K - 5th graders required to audition?

No, but rising 1st - 5th graders must meet ALL academic and behavior criteria before being placed in the lottery. Please see In addition, rising 5th graders will be need to reapply the following year for Garrison's Middle School program in order to be eligible to audition, even if they are currently a Garrison student. See Criteria under the Admissions tab.


What will my child have to do in his/her audition?

Each major has specific audition requirements. This information is included in the application packet. As part of the audition process, each student must complete a satisfactory interview.  See Understanding the Audition Process on the Academic Criteria page.


Do you offer classes to help prepare students for the middle school audition?

Yes, please see the Garrison Arts Alive Workshop Series schedule posted on the home page in the Annoucements or on the Admissions tab of this website.


Will my child have bus transportation?

Yes, if you live in Chatham County and reside no closer than 1.5 miles from the school.


Can I visit the school?

Tour dates are listed on the Admissions page.  Reservations are not necessary.     


Will you be in the lottery?

Yes, all School Choice Programs participate in the lottery (or ranking system for those grade levels that require an audition).


Will applications be accepted after the lottery/ranking?

Yes, those applications will be placed on a waiting list.  Availability may be limited to specific grades and/or majors.


Are Charter Schools part of our Choice Program process? 

No, parents interested in charter schools should call the school directly to learn about their admission process, criteria, lottery, etc.  Our Choice Program process is completely separate from the charter school process. 


Will applying for charter schools impact my Choice Program application? 

No, our process is completely separate.  Choice Program applications will be reviewed for all applicants, even if they have applied for charter schools.


What do parents need to do if they want to change their choice program selections (or the order of their choice program choices) on an application? 

Completely re-apply.  Parents who want to make changes to school choices or the ordering of their choices must complete a new application listing their choices in the correct order. We will keep the most recent application submitted and discard the previous one.  Please ask parents to email once a new application has been submitted, so we can remove the  previously submitted applications to avoid duplications.


What do parents need to do if they need to make a change to name, email, birthday, address, etc.? 

Call 912-395-6765 or email with the change request. 


Will students be waitlisted if he/she is offered at seat at any of their choices? 

No.  Remember, if a student is offered a seat at any of their choices, he/she will NOT be waitlisted anywhere.  (See the Choice Program Guide:  If a student is offered a seat at any of their choice schools, they are not placed on the waiting list at any other schools.) 


When will the Pre-K application be available? 

PK applications are normally available in February of the year your child will be applying to school. Please see the district's website for more information.


What is the cut date for Kindergarten? 

A child must turn 5 years old prior to September 1 to apply for kindergarten.


How much is out-of-county tuition? 

$448.95 per month


What is the Choice Program GPA? 

Choice Program GPA is calculated using the past three semester grades of academic subjects.


What MAP scores will be reviewed? 

The highest scores will be reviewed.  For example, if a student scored higher on the MAP at the beginning of the year than the middle of the year, the beginning of the year score would be used to determine eligibility.