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Medical\Allied Health
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Medical/Allied Health
Curriculum Philosophy
Curriculum Framework
Program Criteria
 Hodge Elementary School
975 Clinch Street
Savannah, GA 31405 
Phone: (912) 395-5200
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Yvette Wells

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PK - 5th

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Sarah Mills Hodge Elementary School

~Medical\Allied Health Specialty Program~


Curriculum Philosophy


At Sarah Mills Hodge Elementary School, we believe that a quality education is centered upon developing the whole child…mind, body, and spirit.  Our school works to create well-rounded individuals who are knowledgeable about the human body, total body wellness, and the impact of the medical field in the lives of citizens all over the world.  The Medical/Allied Health Specialty Program is designed to accomplish this goal through the integration of an inquiry based approach to learning.


The core values of our program are designed to:


Develop the mind . . . .

We believe that our students should be critical thinkers, equipped with skills for problem solving in the classroom and for careers in the Medical/Allied Health Professions.  


Develop the body . . .

We believe that our students should learn about health, nutrition, exercise, and how these elements impact the structure and function of the human body.


Develop the spirit . . .

We believe that our students should be empowered emotionally and intellectually to meet the challenges and demands of the medical profession for the 21st Century.


Our goals are achieved through: 

§  Integrating health-related themes and standards into interdisciplinary units


§  Utilizing our school initiatives to promote nutrition science, business, and money management skills


§  Creating a multi-faceted parent involvement and outreach program