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Islands High School
170 Whitemarsh Island Road
Savannah, GA 31410

Phone: (912) 395-2000

Derrick Butler

Hours: Bell Times
Grades: 9th - 12th

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Islands High School > Uniforms

 Uniform Colors and Requirements

Shirts - Solid Teal, Black, or White, with a collar or turtleneck/long or short sleeve

Jackets or Sweatshirts (full zipper) - Solid Black, White, Grey, Teal or a mix of school colors

Skirts, Skorts or Shorts - Solid Black or Khaki in cotton or twill and must be worn no more than 3" above the knee

Dresses - Solid Black - Must have sleeves and be no shorter than 3" above the knee

Pants/Capris - Solid Black or Khaki in cotton or twill (No cargo, pockets or zippers on legs) and must be worn at natural waist - NO JEAN MATERIAL

Belt - Solid Black, Brown or Shark detailed and must be worn with any clothing with belt loops

Shoes - Closed toe, secured and must have a back

* Items may have approved school logo or monogram as purchased through the school store or vendors 

Universal School Uniform

In addition to the selected school uniform colors, all elementary, middle, and high school students will have the option to wear the universal uniform consisting of a white polo shirt and khaki bottoms

White Polo

Khaki bottoms

White Polo

Khaki Shorts

Khaki Pants

Khaki Skirt


Islands High School Uniform

Teal Polo

Black Bottoms

Teal Polo


Black Shorts

Black Pants

Black Skirt






                                                                             Last modified May 27, 2010


 Islands High School Uniform Policy

With the understanding that a student’s behavior is influenced by the way the student is dressed and with the understanding that no student should dress in a manner that is disruptive or has an adverse effect on school activities, the following mandatory uniform standards for student attire have been developed. Students are expected to dress in the school uniform during the school day and during school related activities. The school principal/site administrator will make the final determination of whether a student’s attire or appearance conflicts with these standards. Appropriate consequences will be administered for dress code violations. All students (except those deemed exempt) must adhere to the mandatory school uniform policy with the dress code being applied at Islands High School.