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IB Programme
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International Baccalaureate
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Johnson High
3012 Sunset Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31404

Phone: (912) 395-6400
FAX: (912) 201-2775
Guidance Fax: 912-201-5737

Derrick Dozier-Muhammad,

Hours: Bell Times
9th - 12th

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Johnson High School > IB Diploma Programme

 Johnson HS IB Program Description

Johnson High School has been an IB accredited school since 2000.  We now have over 200 students enrolled in our IB Program.  The IB Program has been a "Specialty Program" within the Savannah-Chatham County School System since 2004.  Students who are currently in the 8th, 9th and 10th grade are encouraged to apply to be part of our IB Program.  Students in the 11th and 12th grade may only transfer into the Program if they are coming from another IB World School.  In 2010, Johnson was accredited along with Coastal Middle School as an IB Middle Years Program (MYP).  The MYP at Johnson includes the 9th and 10th grade and feeds into the Diploma Program in the 11th and 12th grade which Johnson has been offering since 2000. 

Johnson IB Office
(912) 395-1405
IB DP Coordinator: Jason Buelterman


Applications for 2019-2020 school year  
by Jason Buelterman
 12/4/2018 7:41 AM

 Information for Students and Parents

SCJ IB Language Policy revised October 2018.docx.pdfSCJ IB Language Policy revised October 2018.docxJason Buelterman
SCJ IB Special Educational Needs Policy.docxSCJ IB Special Educational Needs PolicyJason Buelterman
SCJ Special Educational Needs Policy.docxSCJ Special Educational Needs PolicyJason Buelterman
2018.2019 IB PP.pptx2018.2019 IB PPJason Buelterman
SCJ IB Course of Study Updated 2018.2019.xlsxSCJ IB Course of Study Updated 2018.2019Jason Buelterman
2017.2018 Summer Reading Flyer (for rising IB 9th grade students).pdf2017.2018 Summer Reading Flyer (for rising IB 9th grade students)Jason Buelterman
2017.2018 Johnson IB Summer Reading List.docx2017.2018 Johnson IB Summer Reading ListJason Buelterman
SCJ IB Academic Honesty Policy.Honor Code.docxSCJ IB Academic Honesty Policy.Honor CodeJason Buelterman
SCJ IB Assessment Policy.docxSCJ IB Assessment PolicyJason Buelterman
IB DP and CP Course Descriptions.docIB DP and CP Course DescriptionsJason Buelterman
2015 SCJ IB Power Point.pptx2015 SCJ IB Power PointJason Buelterman
The MYP at SCJ- Student Quiz.pptxThe MYP at SCJ- Student QuizJason Buelterman
MYP Language Acquisition Rubrics.pdfMYP Language Acquisition RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Individuals and Societies Rubrics.pdfMYP Individuals and Societies RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Physical and Health Education Rubrics.pdfMYP Physical and Health Education RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Design Rubrics.pdfMYP Design RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Mathematics Rubrics.pdfMYP Mathematics RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Sciences Rubrics.pdfMYP Sciences RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Language and Literature Rubrics.pdfMYP Language and Literature RubricsJason Buelterman
MYP Arts Rubrics.pdfMYP Arts RubricsJason Buelterman
(More Items...)


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