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Announcements: District Decision on Final Grade Computation


District Decision on Final Grade Computation 



        Atom Smasher Families


       The district has carefully and thoughtfully developed a process for the computation of final grades. Per Board action on April 8, 2020, the District has student grades from three-quarters of the school year recorded for promotion and retention consideration and based on actions that align with guidance from the Georgia Department of Education, student work during the final quarter of the year will be used toward the enhancement of existing grades.


        Students who entered 4th quarter with a failing average will be provided assignments to remediate standards not mastered in 3rd quarter.  When a student successfully completes the assignments, the grades will be updated in the 3rd quarter, offering students the opportunity to improve their existing average.  This will allow students to earn credit for the class.

For students who have already achieved a passing 3rd quarter grade, teachers will provide assignments that will extend and continue learning throughout 4th quarter.  These enrichment grades will be recorded as 4th quarter grades and can result in "enhancement points" being added to the student's final grade for the year.  Students should be actively engaged in completing 4th quarter assignments.  Those who complete assignments will be award "enhancement points" added to their Semester 2 grade based on their average grade earned during 4th quarter enrichment.   


       Grade Range

       Enhancement Points Awarded to Final Y1 or S2 Grade

       70-79 (C)


       80-89 (B)


     90-100 (A)


        Students who continue to work on the enrichment assignments throughout the 4th quarter are being provided an incredible opportunity to raise their existing grades as well as their overall GPAs.  This is an opportunity we hope that every student takes advantage of as grades and GPA have a bearing on admission into dual enrollment, honors level courses, future scholarship opportunities and college admission.  


       We hope that all of our Atom Smasher family members are safe and healthy during this difficult time.  Take care of yourselves and each other.  Please reach out to us if you need assistance or have questions.

       Derrick Muhammad





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