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Descriptor Code: IHDA-R(1)
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Students will be assigned a class rank based on the numerical average of all of their course grades.

Students who transfer from other high schools will have their class rank computed on the basis of all the course grades they earned in the other high schools. Transfer grades for AP, honors and IB courses will receive the local district's bonus points.  Letter grades earned in other high schools will be converted to numerical grades, based on the conversion chart in Administrative Regulation IHA-R(1).

Only graduating seniors who have earned at least four units in honors, AP or IB courses and who have attended a Savannah-Chatham County public high school for the four consecutive semesters preceding the student's graduation date will be considered for designation as valedictorian or salutatorian of their class.  The senior student with the highest cumulative grade point average will be designated the senior class valedictorian.  The senior student with the second highest grade point average will be designated as the senior class salutatorian.  These designees shall be determined after the first semester senior grades have been posted.  In the event that two or more students are tied for the rank of valedictorian, they shall be designated as co-valedictorians.  Furthermore, in the event there is one valedictorian and two or more students are tied for the rank of salutatorian, co-salutatorians shall be designated.  In the event that an agency or organization outside the school system requests the names of one valedictorian and one salutatorian for recognition, the names submitted shall be those of the two honor graduates in the senior class with the highest grade point averages when calculated to the nearest decimal point that breaks the tie.

Only students who have attained an overall 90 cumulative average or above (with no rounding up)  will be considered for designation as honor graduates. These designees shall be determined after the first semester senior grades have been posted.  Only graduating seniors who have earned a college preparatory or technology/career preparatory seal of endorsement may be designated as honor graduates and ranked accordingly.

Any student who has transferred in more than five (5) units from a school that is not accredited by an approved state or regional accrediting agency (Policy JBC(4) Transferring Credits) may not be designated an honor graduate, salutatorian or valedictorian.


Any graduating senior who has, at the end of the first semester of the senior year, a 95 overall grade point average (with no rounding up), as determined by the computer-generated Class Rank Report, and no Conduct Grades of "U" throughout the high school years, will receive the Superintendent's Award. 


Savannah-Chatham Co. Schools
Date Issued:  7/7/2010
Last Revised:  10/7/2015
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