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Help your child at home with these simple Math Tips.

Math Tips for Parents

Math is a skill that is used in everyday life.  Here are some suggestions to help your students in solving math problems and becoming proficient math students.

1.    Encourage Them

a.    You can improve your child's learning ability by providing a positive study environment.

2.   Follow Up On Homework

a.    Monitor your child's progress in completing homework and check answers for accuracy.

b.    If you find the answer is incorrect, do not give your child the correct answer, simply circle the problem and encourage him/her to try again.

3.   Demonstrate the Use Of Math

a.     Use real life examples to teach math.

b.    Ask your child to calculate the money needed to pay for tickets the next time you go to the movies.

c.    Have your child make a purchase and subtract from the total amount of money he/she has to determine how much change should be received.

d.   Have your child use fractions and percentages to find out how much he/she will save from a particular purchase.

4.   Telling Time

a.    Teach your child to tell accurate time using an analog clock.

b.    Suggest a beginning and ending time for an activity and have your child find the elapsed time – (the time in between the activity)

5.   Educational Software

a.    There are many computer games that involve the use of math skills.

6.   Parent Teacher Communication

a.    Communicate with your child’s teacher on a frequent basis and work with the teacher to identify ways to help your child excel in math.

 Parents and Students Working Together At Home

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