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Heritage Center
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Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 395-5070
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The Historic Massie Common School was designed and built by John S. Norris. It is an outstanding example of Greek revival architecture was completed in 1855-1856. It was opened for classes in October 1856 and dedicated to the education of poor children in Savannah because of its namesake, Peter Massie,who donated money to the city of Savannah for that purpose. One of Savannah's historic treasures, the building features a gable roof, wood cupola and cornice, and a unique connecting passageway.

The online catalog includes:

Building Photos: these photos encompass pictures taken from the early beginnings of the school when there was just one building (i856) to photos taken in 2013. The east and west annexes which are entered across covered breezeways were added in 1872 (east) and 1886 (west).

May Day Photos: The May Day Festival which later became multicultural has been an annual tradition since the first year the school opened. The earliest dated photo is from 1943 but there are numerous undated photos.

Classes and Events Photos: These pictures show a variety of groups of classes, individuals, principals and events such as plays. The earliest dated photo is 1865.

Teacher Led Programs: When Massie closed as a school in 1974, a group called the Friends of Massie, raised money and persuaded the Board of Education to reopen the historic site as a museum including several exhibits related to the history and architecture of Savannah. Another exhibit is the historic classroom which is a replica of the 1860s classroom. Another important component of the museum was teacher led programs where a Massie teacher would do a program with groups of students. The programs vary from teaching a 1860s lesson in the classroom to walking tours dealing with Savannah’s history and architecture. These photos show various pictures from around the building and the city with students participating in teacher led programs.