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Heritage Center
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When Massie closed as a public school in 1974, a group called the Friends of Massie, raised money and persuaded the Board of Education to reopen the historic site as a museum including several exhibits related to the history and architecture of Savannah. A favorite exhibit is the historic classroom which is a replica of an 1860s classroom. Another important component of the museum was teacher led programs where a Massie teacher would do a program with groups of students. The programs vary from teaching a 1860s lesson in the classroom to walking tours dealing with Savannah’s history and architecture.  Several exhibits were renovated to include laser shows and updated displays and the museum reopened in 2012.  The teacher led programs have been an ongoing part of the museum since 1974.  The photos in this collection show various pictures from around the building and the city with students participating in teacher led programs.

Right click on any photo and choose save picture as to download.

 Teacher Led Programs

ThumbnailPicture Size
Thumbnail 12-2-2014 Melanie Hoffman and John Brannen2592 x 1944
Thumbnail 12-2-2014 009 Melanie Hoffman and John Breannen2592 x 1944
Thumbnail Massie teacher led Programs - Frances Smith (3)1797 x 1204
Thumbnail Massie teacher led Programs - Sarah Parsons (14)608 x 480
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