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Senior Announcements: WHO Do I ASK for WHAT? AND RoadMap to Graduation--Timeline Guide


WHO Do I ASK for WHAT? AND RoadMap to Graduation--Timeline Guide 


Planning and Preparation:

This is a very busy year for you ! 

It is also a time that the Counselors' Office and teachers are

ALWAYS busy!


Rememeber Seniors to be pro-active – think ahead – do not

procrastinate .


Attached is the Class of 2021 Road Map to Graduation--Mark

your calendars and set reminders for deadline dates and senior



“Who do I ask for what?”

Grades and attendance –contact teachers directly.
Transcripts – use the website for nearly all requests
Scholarships – click on Scholarship tab
SAT / ACT / Compass Registration – are handled at home. Counselors can offer computer usage during lunch and students are always welcome to visit the media center at any given chance, BUT ultimately you and are responsible for the actual registration.
Twilight Program – Mrs. Barton in Counselors office
Verification of Enrollment (child support, SSI, military, etc) – bring completed forms to Counselors office.
Letters of Recommendation – that depends; teacher or counselor – please remember to provide a week’s notice
Birth Certificate / Social Security Card –Seniors will need these items for their future plans. Be sure you have proper originals for your use.
Immunizations! Students headed to college, a 2 year school or the military will need their updated immunizations record.  Remember that what we have on file is out of date – usually not updated later than 7th grade.  You will want to see your health care provider or our school nurse for an updated Immunization Record.


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