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Announcements: About SLP (Student Leadership Program)


About SLP (Student Leadership Program) 


About SLP The Student Leadership Program (SLP) is a community program designed to equip students with skills to explore opportunities beyond the classroom to meet future local workforce needs through career and industry tours, interactive leadership workshops and community service. SLP reaches over 1,000 students annually in four communities. SLP began in 2008 as a partnership between Gulfstream and the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System designed to assist students in exploring opportunities for success after graduating from school. The program reaches 600 high school students each year in Savannah. In 2014, SLP expanded outside of Savannah to Brunswick, Georgia through a partnership between Gulfstream and the Glynn County School system. SLP in Brunswick reaches 200 high schools each year. Building on the success of SLP in Brunswick and Savannah, in 2015 the program expanded to Appleton, Wisconsin through a partnership with the Appleton Area School District, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, and several area businesses. SLP reaches 150 high school sophomore and junior students each year in Appleton. In 2018, SLP once again expanded to Dallas, Texas partnering with the Dallas Independent School District and Frontiers of Flight Museum. The program in Dallas reaches 300 high school students each year. Understanding that each community is different, the SLP is developed to meet the needs of each community where the program exists. SLP has immediate and long-range advantages for students who participate in the program and provides students with experiences to gain the skills necessary to be successful in today’s world. SLP Program Goals: Provide opportunities for students to explore career and post-secondary education options after high school to meet local workforce needs. Develop leadership skills for students to use in peer, informal and formal leadership roles within their school and community. Create a multi-year collaborative initiative between local public-school system, businesses, nonprofit organizations and parents to prepare students for their future.


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