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Announcements: Volunteer Application Process


Volunteer Application Process 


Before you can volunteer, please click on the link below to register for the new Volunteer Tracker Account.  You will also have an online application to complete.  This process is much quicker than the District's previous procedures involving back ground check on volunteers.  No more finger prints are visits to the Campus Police office down town.  The district is requiring that all volunteers register to volunteer through this process. 

When you volunteer, you will log your time of service in this Volunteer Tracker.  This will help us recognize our amazing volunteers at the end of the year.

Thank you for making a difference!!!

Below is a link to an introduction video about Volunteer Tracker.

This is a short, 3-minute animation highlighting some of the features within the Volunteer Tracker Program by The App-Garden



The District is transitioning to a new volunteer management platform.  The volunteer tracker application portal is available for volunteers to get registered.  Please see web link below.  Users who have any issues with the application portal may call the APPGarden Customer Service Support Desk at 1-800-425-0720.


Your existing volunteers who were cleared from last year (Includes Tier I/II/III) maintain their cleared status.  However, they need to go ahead and register online with the new APP Garden Tracker and resubmit the Volunteer form.  Those who were cleared will receive notification within 48 hours of submission.



All volunteers must be registered through the APP Garden Tracker to log in and track hours.  This includes existing volunteers from last year.   

  • No volunteer will be able to login/out of the volunteer tracker until they are registered and are cleared in the system.


Volunteer Application Link:

Anyone seeking to volunteer must have an email address to complete the registration process.  AppGarden Customer Service representatives on are standby to assist anyone through the application process by calling 1-800-425-0720.  REGISTRATION LINK:


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