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Pooler Elementary Teacher of the Year 

Mrs. Kimberly Bennett

Pooler Elementary School

Mrs. Kimberly Bennett



I am extremely humbled and honored to serve Pooler Elementary School as the Teacher of the Year. As I begin to prepare this year to attend district meetings and to be a voice for Pooler, I’ve thought about what is important about being Teacher of the Year and what that means to me. Though it is an honor, I feel it is a duty to serve by promoting what is most important about being a teacher. That is advocating for children to learn to be leaders and providing a culture of leadership within our school. By doing this, children will learn their own unique value and abilities. It has always been my philosophy that ALL means ALL. Meaning, all children CAN learn, given the opportunity. All children have the right to a fair and appropriate education, and all children have the right to a teacher who has their individual best interest at heart. I read something once that said, “Everyone is a genius, until you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, and it lives its whole life believing it is not smart.” Every child has his or her own unique qualities and should be taught in such a way that their uniqueness is inspired to do more, be more, and conquer more! It is our duty as teachers to inspire and motivate our future generation by listening and directing our students in the direction that will cause them to want contribute positively to our society as a whole. My passion is to help every child find something they are good at and nurture that to succeed. To go forth and be the best citizen they can be and to help others reach their goals. Success in education is learning that reading, writing, and arithmetic are important, but true success comes from learning to build on their uniqueness to make an impact in the world that causes others to be inspired. And, to learn to work together for the greater good because all people matter! I look forward to serving in this capacity. It is my sincere hope that through this experience, I will be able to be a voice for positive changes within our district to promote individual abilities and leadership among our students.