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Announcements: Notification - School Nutrition Program


Notification - School Nutrition Program 


Savannah Chatham County Public School System

School Nutrition Program

The School Nutrition Program wants to ensure that the delivery of information by all BOE professionals is timely and accurate to parents and guardians, so that meal applications can be processed without delay.

Common Misconceptions

SNP Program Facts

New students and Pre-K students are allowed to eat free meals for the first two weeks of school.



New students and Pre-K students will have to pay full price for school meals until a meal application is processed that makes them eligible for free or reduced-price meals. **New and Pre-K students that have a sibling whose meal status was free or reduced during the prior school year are eligible for that same status during the first thirty days of the current school year. This thirty-day time frame gives parents an opportunity to apply for school meals for the current year.

A different meal application or lunch form is needed for each student or when a student is at a different school.



All students within one household should be placed on one household meal application. It does not matter if the students attend different schools. The meal applications are per household.

Medicaid information is needed or required for the meal application.



Our District does not utilize Medicaid information for the meal application process. Our District does accept SNAP and TANF case number information. The case numbers appear on a recipient’s benefit letter, usually followed by the letters AU.

If a student was free in another District/County, that student is automatically free in our District.



New students must pay for full-priced meals until a meal application is processed that makes them eligible for free meals in our District.

Parents/Guardians only have to apply once for free or reduced meals.


Parents/Guardians must apply for free or reduced price meals every year that their students are enrolled.

Additional SNP Information

Direct Certification


Eligible students for Direct Certification include the following:

  • Households that receive SNAP
  • Households that receive TANF
  • Homeless Students
  • Foster Students
  • Migrant Students
  • Runaway Students
  • Head Start students from eligible State-funded programs

“Direct Certification is a process conducted by the States and by local educational agencies (LEAs) to certify eligible children for free meals without the need for household applications.”


Students that appear on the Direct Certification list provided by the Georgia Department of Education are automatically free for the school year and should not complete a meal application.


When meal applications are completed by households that are Direct Certified, the huge amount of unnecessary meal applications slows down the process for those students that are not automatically free. 


Online Meal Applications


Parents/Guardians can complete an online meal application by visiting



Pay your School Meals Online


Parents can make payments to their student’s account online anytime, anywhere. They can also check balances and receive low-balance notifications by visiting


The School Nutrition Program is a self-funded program that receives funding from the sale of school meals and federal reimbursements.



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