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Announcements: SAA Athletics Go Fund Me Campaign


SAA Athletics Go Fund Me Campaign 


The Savannah Arts Academy Athletics Department is striving to enhance all our students' Physical Education and athletic experiences by providing adequate, safe and updated equipment.   We are very proud of our historic building, but we must ensure that our students have sound and relatively modern athletic equipment--especially in view of our total lack of athletic fields.

A survey of our existing facilities and equipment shows that our most immediate needs include:
*an additional 4 cardio machines.  We currently have 3 that must serve all students, including those engaged in rehab.

 *Three new, or newer weight machines.  The existing equipment is sadly outdated and inadequate.

 *"Hallway Games", such as Ping-Pong and Spike Ball equipment.  This would allow students to engage in additional activities despite the lack of outdoor fields.

*An additional Volleyball net and standards would be invaluable.  Our current lone equipment serves all Volleyball activities plus all team matches, even as our team becomes more and more competitive.

Our student athletes are diligent and dedicated.  All of our athletic teams have successfully reached post-season play in the past five years despite limited facilities and equipment.  In order to enhance our students' efforts and abilities, we are launching a short fundraising project between now and October 15, 2018.  No donation is too small AND we are honored that BSN Sports has agreed to partner with us on this project with a funds matching program.

Please consider helping our students by making a donation to support our Physical Education and Athletic programs.  Thank you!


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