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Announcements: Class of 2020 Parade


Class of 2020 Parade 


Traditions mark important events and remind us who we are.  Traditions are because of those who have gone before us.  Often we do not create traditions- but we do  choose to uphold them, or we do choose to ignore them, but sometimes we get to create them!

The Class of 2020 is unique --

One may be  sure many of them wanted to maintain the tradition- The procession, caps, gowns, Pomp and Circumstance,  and the speeches .  There is a lot to be said about those traditions.  (Do you remember what was said at your graduation ceremony?)  Although, I bet you remember the ceremony.  Do you remember the moment you walked across the stage, received your diploma, your certificate to McDonald’s until your transcript was submitted or whatever was your school’s custom? (What about the bad suit choice- or the hairdo?)

Today, the class of 2020 did not have that- they may have expected that; they may have wanted that, but today that was not the  tradition. 

TODAY-- was a tradition redefined, rewritten- 2020 Vision as the class joked at the beginning of the school year- a new outlook.   

A new (hopefully short lasted) tradition- cars, banners, signs were the celebration for today- for our graduates of 2020.  I saw smiles; I saw excitement, MAYBE it was the fresh air and the people- but I think it was PRIDE.  It was a moment of Celebration- it was a Tradition redefined.

(For the faculty, we would have loved to give a hug to our “student”, and to remind a graduate to spit out the gum, and to get in line.)

There were graduates and parents- they were still proud and excited.  

Joy should know no bounds.  Even in this uncertain time. 

Today was a day of JOY, Pride, and Melancholy for a class who will have a virtual graduation and a virtual good- bye.  

That virtual good bye is only temporary- We Will Be Able to Hug Again, and we will Wish Them CONGRATULATIONS. 

Class of 2020 you  looked beautiful in your masks, shorts- sweat shirts, in your cars with those you love, your family and your pets.

We don’t get to choose our family, but we do get to choose to celebrate with them. 

Thanks to the SAA family, and to a Celebration that we will remember. 


SAA Senior Parade Photo links from Savannah Now: 

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