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Mr. Gif Lockley,

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Grades: 9th - 12th

Driving Directions

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English / Language Arts 

The study of Language Arts is crucial to a student’s personal and intellectual development.  Language Arts incorporates more than reading and writing – it also emphasizes communication skills, analytical skills, and the development of a personal voice.  The faculty of the Language Arts Department of Savannah Arts Academy strives to meet the needs of their students and encourages further growth.  All members of the Language Arts faculty are gifted endorsed and sixty percent are AP certified.  The faculty strives to teach beyond the state mandated standards.  Language Arts courses also incorporate the study of the Arts (Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, etc.) into the curriculum. 

Courses include:

·        Honors 9th Grade Literature– Genre Course

·        Honors 10th Grade Literature– Genre Course

·        Honors American Literature – Survey Course

·        AP Language – Survey Course with emphasis on college level writing

·        Honors British Literature – Survey Course

·        AP Literature – Survey Course with emphasis on college level literature

In each of these courses, students will read a variety of literature, analyze literature at an advanced level, expand their vocabulary, develop their communication skills through writing, and prepare for the SAT and the Georgia High School Graduation Test.



Courses Taught:

Bradley Wallace, Department Chair

AP Language and Composition
Journalism lll
Yearbook (Journalism III)



Leigh Stenger


10th Grade Literature

American Literature



Richard Clifton


AP Literature and Composition
Advanced Composition



Amy Hatch


9th Grade Literature/Composition,

10th Grade Literature/ Composition



Barbara Lacey

British Literature
Advanced Composition



Lisa Collins


American Literature


Aimee Taylor


American Literature

AP English Language and Composition

AP Literature and Composition