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Scholarship Information

Most scholarship opportunities are limited to seniors, but the resources listed in the senior newsletter may lead to some opportunities for lower grades.  

Senior Counseling Dept Newsletter 

Please visit the SCCPSS Scholarships Page for a list of current scholarships, mostly for seniors.

An interesting article about 

Senior Financial Aid Night:  A presentation was held on September 30, 2019 at 6:00 PM.  A representative presented information about the FAFSA form and the financial aid process.   

Applying for Scholarships: 

Most scholarship money is awarded by the colleges directly.  In many cases the student does not need to submit anything extra to be considered for merit based aid (need based aid is a separate procedure that requires filing a FAFSA form- see the Seniors page), though sometimes there is a special form, deadline, or other procedure.  Many colleges have special deadlines for scholarship consideration that may be substantially earlier than the standard application deadline.  Students should work as hard as possible in school, on SAT/ACT tests, and in activities to be the best possible candidate for merit based aid when considered by colleges.

Many clubs, corporations, and other organizations award scholarships as well.  The district scholarship page contains a current list of some opportunities.  Students interested in scholarships should also see our senior newsletter (above).  It lists several websites that can be used for easy and productive scholarship searches. These are the steps for this process:

1.      Use the district scholarship page and the websites listed on the senior newsletter (above) to identify scholarship programs that are a good match for you.

2.      The list may be long.  Identify the awards for which you want to apply.  Perhaps you choose them based on their level of competitiveness, your likelihood of being a good candidate, or the application requirements.

3.      Apply.  Fill out the forms and write any applicable essays.  The forms are usually self-explanatory, but if you run in to trouble, ask your counselor.  If you need help with an essay, ask your English teacher and/or counselor for help.

Students and parents are often seeking a secret to getting scholarships, but there really isn’t one.  You make yourself a good candidate, use the resources provided to locate opportunities, apply, and hope for the best.  If you develop questions while completing an application, the counselors can help.  Beware of anyone asking for money to help you with scholarships.  This is often the sign of a scam or of someone charging money for what you could do yourself for free.