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Twilight High School Program
151 Coach Joe Turner Street
Savannah, GA 31408
Phone: (912) 395-6750
FAX: (912) 965-6765

Maggie Walker
Temp. Center Leader

Hours: Bell Times
Grades:  9th - 12th

Driving Directions

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The policies and procedures outlined below are designed to establish a positive school climate ensuring a successful Twilight High School Program experience.


The Twilight High School Program is for students who are currently attending Savannah Chatham County Public Schools ages 16 - 20 and want course credit for required course for graduation. Students are enrolled in this program upon the home school counselor and principal recommendation.


All visitors must sign in at the school office and receive a visitors sticker.


1. All Twilight High School students are to attend the program Monday through Thursday from 2 – 3 hours.

2. A student may only be absent 4 days per session. Any student who misses 4 or more days per session will forfeit the opportunity to earn credit for that session and will be withdrawn from the Twilight High School Program

3. If a student is absent with extenuating circumstances beyond the 4 days, the parent or guardian should meet with the Twilight School coordinator IMMEDIATELY.


1. Students must stop by the main office, sign the tardy log and get a tardy slip if they arrive after the start of class.

2. Students must sign out at the front office if they must leave before the end of assigned dismissal time.


Assignments missed as a result of absences are to be made up within the term. It is the responsibility of the student to request makeup work.


1. Students must, at all times, abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

2. Students are responsible for their own behavior.

3. Students should not disrupt activities and classwork of other members in the school.

4. If a student is disruptive to the learning environment, he/she will be asked to leave. If a student is asked to leave repeated times he/she must meet with an administrator to evaluate his/her continued participation in the Twilight High School Program.


1. Students should be appropriately attired and personally clean. Full-time students may wear their work uniform to class, or a collared shirt and pants, shorts, or skirt (no jeans). Part-time students are expected to wear their school uniform.

2. Students must wear their student ID at all times.

3. Footwear will be worn at all times for health and safety reasons, no flip-flops.

4. The following items are not allowed in classrooms: t-shirts of any kind; gang-related clothing; other clothing and accessories which promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity or sex; hats; pajamas; sleepwear or slippers; sagging pants or underwear showing (pants will be worn at waist); men’s sleeveless undershirts; halters, backless, strapless, tube top, or spaghetti strap shirts; low cut blouses; any cleavage or see-through clothing.

5. Students inappropriately dressed will be sent home.


Students need to proceed directly into the Woodville-Tompkins campus in the evenings. Students may not loiter (hangout) in the parking lot, hallways, cafeteria, gym, etc. When students are dismissed for the evening they must immediately exit the building and leave the campus grounds.


If a regular day school is dismissed or if class is dismissed early due to the weather, Twilight High School Program classes will be canceled.


Students are expected to do the following:

1.    Students are responsible for all related assignments given by the instructor for course completion.

2.    Log on the A+ program upon entering the room, students are not to play games, get on social networking pages, or use the Internet inappropriately.

3.    Follow proper procedures for logging on and off your computer. If you have problems with the program, get assistance from the staff.

4.    Clean your computer station prior to leaving the room.

5.    No food is permitted in the computer labs.

6.    In the event of a computer system failure, students may be expected to work on supplementary course work for their subject.

7.    Students must complete the course work within set number of days for each session in order to receive credit.

8.    In cases of incomplete course work within the required completion date, the student will receive a failing grade for the course, and no credit will be earned. The failing grade will be posted to the student transcript.


Any student enrolled in and/or receiving credit for first time or credit recovery for an EOC course will be required to take the EOC upon completion of that course. The EOC will be administered in an on-line format. For the subject areas of English and mathematics, there will be multiple-choice, and constructed and extended response items. The Twilight High School Program will administer the online assessments. Each test is administered in two sections.

Required Assessments:

Ninth Grade Literature & Composition

American Literature & Composition

Coordinate Algebra

Analytic Geometry


Physical Science

United States History

Economics/Business/Free Enterprise


A Student Learning Objective (SLO) is a measurable, long-term academic growth target this is set for each student at the beginning of the year/semester. SLOs are administered in all non-tested EOC subjects and courses not listed as state tested subjects. The SLO measure is designed to demonstrate a teacher’s impact on student learning in courses not associated with state assessments. The process of creating and implementing SLO assessments have been delegated to local school districts.  SLO assessments are administered as pre-and post-assessments to measure growth between two points in time. Pre-assessment scores are not count toward the students’ course grade. Post-assessment scores count toward the students’ course grade.


Twilight High School Program
Woodville-Tompkins Technical and Career Institute
151 Coach Joe Turner St., Savannah, GA 31408
Phone: 912-395-6750
FAX: 912-965-6765

Mrs. Aretha Rhone-Bush
Executive Director of Secondary Schools

Kristi F. Smith, Ph.D.
School Governance Specialist Secondary

Mrs. Katina Hardy
Twilight District Site Coordinator/Technical Support