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Amanda C. Hallman
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West Chatham Elementary
820 Pine Barren Road
Pooler, GA 31322
Phone: (912) 395-3600
FAX: (912) 201-5646

Sharon Draeger,

Hours: Bell Times
PK - 5th

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Songs and Videos about Math!
Practice Facts!
More facts!
Algebra - Balancing Equations
Algebra - more balancing
Algebra - Input/Output/Functions
Algebra - Writing Linear Functions
Algebra - Order of Operations
Algebra - more Order of Operations
Algebra - Writing Expressions
Algebra - Writing Expressions more
Practice ALL 5th grade Math Skills
Graphing and Data - Choose a Graph
Graphing and Data - Line Graphs
Graphing and Data - Line Graph Lesson
Graphing and Data - Bar Graphs
Measurement - Area and Perimeter
Measurement - Perimeter
Measurement - Area
Measurement - Area and Cost
Measurement - Area and Perimeter Word Problems
Number and Operation - Multiplication/Division Word Problems
Number and Operation - Equivalent Fractions
Number and Operation - Equivalent Fractions Match
Number and Operation - Fractions Estimating Using a Number Line
Number and Operation - Fraction ID
Number and Operation - Fraction Equivalents/Conversions
Number and Operation - Choose the Proper Operation
Number and Operation - Place Value Decimals
Number and Operations - Reading/Identifying Numbers
Number and Operation - Word to Standard Form
Number and Operation - Rounding Lesson
Number and Operation - Rounding Money
Number and Operation - Estimating Sums/Differences
Number and Operation - Long Division Steps
Number and Operation - Fractions of Numbers
Number and Operations - Ordering Fractions
Number and Operation - Ordering Decimals
Number and Operations - Decimals on a Number Line
Number and Operation - Decimals to Fractions
Number and Operation - Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
Test Taking Tips Game
TenMarks - Practice Your Assessments!
Math Brain Teasers!
Number and Operation - Multiplication and Division Word Problems
Flashcard Machine
Math Libs - "Math Mad Libs"
Math Dictionary
Number and Operation - Decimal Lessons and Operation Problems
Number and Operation - Decimal Word Problems
Compass Learning
Improve your Math skills!
Add Fractions!
Add and Subtract Fractions game
Order of Operations
Common Core Math Dictionary!