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Personal Care Services - Cosmetology
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151 Coach Joe Turner Street
Savannah, GA 31408
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Mr. Alfred McGuire,

Hours: Bell Times
Grades:  PK,9th - 12th

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  • Do you like helping people feel good about their appearance?
  • Do you hope to become a cosmetologist?

The Cosmetology pathway is offered to students looking to become hairstylists, make-up artists, nail stylists, and barbers. The pathway consists of three classes that explains the chemical makeup of hair, make-up, and nail products, different techniques that real experienced stylists use, business etiquette , safety precautions, and the basics of skills that puts the student in a realistic shop. Students have to learn and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) throughout the time in the pathway. Upon completion, students will receive a Licensed Master Cosmetologist Certificate from Woodville Tompkins.  They also have an opportunity to work with a local business that specializes in the cosmetology.

A cosmetology license can open the door to an extensive variety of career options. For hairstylists/designers, the typical career path begins with an entry-level salon/spa position where you may begin by shampooing and gradually, service by service, work your way up the levels. Your cosmetology license can take you in any direction, depending on the depth of your passion for your career and craft and how much you are willing to invest in continuing education. You can build a loyal clientele, help your team succeed, help the owner grow the business, and become involved in competitions, photo shoots, trade shows, and industry platform presentations, educational presentations, and more.

You also could own your own salon/spa. Many cosmetologists also build careers in the entertainment industry-television programs, music videos, and movies could not be made without the skills of a hairdresser, nail technicians, and makeup artist. As in any career, in order to be successful, one must have ambitions and pursue goals in a methodical and ethical manner.

This career pathway will provide you with a broad knowledge of cosmetology and prepare you for your state certification exam to become a state license cosmetologist.


  • Introduction to Cosmetology Theory
  • Salon I
  • Salon II


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